Yevadu Telugu Movie Review

Yevadu Telugu Movie Review Yevadu Telugu Movie Review

Cast & Crew :- Ram Charan, Shuthi Hassan, Amy Jackson, Allu Arjun, Kajal Agrawal
Music Director :- Devi Sri Prasad
Director :- Vamsi Paidipally
Producer :- Dil Raju
Release date :- 12th January 2014

Our Rating :-
Rating :- 3.5/5
TagLine :- Routine Revenge Story with Interesting Twists.

Allu Arjun will be seen as Satya and actress Kajal Agarwal will be seen as Deepthi. Screen starts with the villains chasing Deepthi and Satya who were in love and escaping to getting married. Meanwhile Bhai (Rahul Dev) also falls in love with Deepthi and chases her to get married, in this process he kills Deepthi’s parents also.

Satya (Allu Arjun) fights with the gang and trys to save Deepthi (Kajal), but he fails in his fight and the gang kills Deepthi, Burns the bus of Satya and thought he was dead. But Allu Arjun survives with burnt face and was rescued by Jayasudha (Doctor), she gives him the treatment and modifies his face by executing plastic surgery.

Allu Arjun turns as Ram Charan after the plastic surgery and starts his mission to kill the gang who are responsible to all this with the help of Amy Jackson. When all this is happening Dharma (Sai Kumar) a gang from Hyderabad chases Ram Charan to end his life. Here comes the twist in the story. Why Sai Kumar chases Ram Charan? Who is Ram Charan? Is one of the mysterious story should see on the big screen.

Allu Arjun and Kajal’s special cameo roles are very crucial for this film as earlier said by the director Vamsi Paidipally and they had a very less span but show the impact on the complete movie. Ram Charan’s performances in the action sequences are too good and his dance moves in the (Freedom) song attracts the audience & fans.

Actress Shruthi Hassan is seen for two songs and her glamour attracts the audience. Amy Jackson got a good role to play and performed well. Kota Srinivas played a humor role in this movie and did to his best. Brahmanandam comedy is good and not that much expected. Jayasudha and Sai Kumar’s roles are good with good dialogue diction of Sai Kumar.Devi Sri Prasad is the main backbone of the film with his fabulous Back Ground Music (BGM).

Interval Bang & Clima twist in this movie attracts the audience very well and the twists engage the audience to the story. The story is as old one with the war between good and evil and predictable. Sai Kumar scenes come out too good with his diction in the dialogues and his performance. Devi Sri Prasad’s background score is an advantage for this mysterious action thriller, but coming to the songs album, they are said to be okay okay.

The comedy part in this movie not that much as expected and the second half of the film seem much better than the first half with some lagging scenes. Vamsi Paidipally could have used Brahmi and Kota Srinivas a lot more to generate comedy. Vamsi Paidipally movie will have good technical values and also Yevadu. Cinematography part was good with elevated action scenes.

Your Rating For Yevadu?
Your Rating For Yevadu?

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16 Responses to "Yevadu Telugu Movie Review"

  1. Movie begins with a escape sequence where a couple Allu Arjun and Kajal tries to escape from goons , but unfortunately they are spotted in a bus. Goons head Murali Sharma who is in love with Kajal tries to burn Allu Arjun with petrol, but fortunately Allu Arjun will be saved by some strangers and admits in hospital . Allu Arjun with burnt face under goes plastic surgery done by Jayasudha who is a senior plastic surgeon in that hospital. She gives a new look and Allu Arjun appears as Ramcharan. Now, Ramcharan begins his hunt , He takes revenge on all those goons who have murdered Kajal. The Interval Bang comes with a twist as Some other guys attacks Ramcharan and tries to kill him The second half begins in search of the guy who is trying to kill Ramcharan . Charan trace him, He is none other than antagonist Sai Kumar . Ramcharan after his own investigation finds that, there used to be some other Ramcharan like person who fights against Sai Kumar when the latter tries to occupy the slum area in Mumbai and also finds that The plastic surgeon Jayasudha is his (Mumbai Ramcharan) mother . He also comes to known that Mumbai Ramcharan gets killed in an incident and now the present Ramcharan takes revenge by finishing the Sai Kumar and his Gang.

  2. regular commercial film avg not reached the expectation….

  3. Pradeep Prem Rudrapogu says:

    block buster

  4. Nagendra Asa says:

    superooooooo suoeruuuu bunny classic action super n charan action super

  5. Raja Sekhar says:

    Cinema pichaal mahesh fans andhariki nktlo gadda

  6. Suresh Raju says:

    govinda govinda…………..

  7. Mahesh Babu says:

    Super hit movie of the year.. i like overall .

  8. Anil Andy says:

    Ram charan fans lo sachinoni modda…..cinema flop

  9. Ram charan fans notlo sachinoni modda…..mve utter flop yevadu

  10. Tagore Goud says:


  11. Raju Raj says:

    cinema aasalu bagoledhu

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