Hrudaya Kaleyam Movie Review

Hrudaya Kaleyam Movie Review 2e3ffe Hrudaya Kaleyam Movie Review

Cast & Crew :- Sampoornesh Babu, Kavya Kumar
Music Director :- RK
Director :- Steven Sankar
Producer :- Amrutha Productions
Release date :- 04th April 2014

Our Rating :-
Rating :- 3/5
TagLine :- Serious Comedy.

Burning Star Sampoornesh’s satirical entertainer titled “Hrudaya Kaleyam” finally screened today to take away the thirst of the Sampoo’s fans. Debutant director Steven Shankar directed this movie, which was produced by Sai Rajesh under Amrutha Productions banner.

Actress Kavya paired besides Sampoornesh for the female lead role in this movie. RK has scored the audio for this movie. Sampoornesh Babu captured the fan following using the social media and prior to the release of the movie this has generated a good hype and expectations of the movie. Director Maruthi and Good Cinema Group banner have taken a stake in this film, which acted as fuel for this movie’s expectations. Let’s get into the story of this Kidney with a Heart.

The story starts with the cops, who are in search of a criminal, who is responsible for all the thefts happening in the city. The thief is nothing than our Burning Star. The police officials will team up a special team to catch Sampoornesh Babu and in this act the officer who is implied to catch Sampoo, will know that he knew Sampoo very well.

The police official will ask what reasons made Sampoornesh to become a thief. Sampoornesh starts telling his background about his live life and his reasons of becoming a thief, this forms the story of “Hrudaya Kaleyam”.

Burning Star Sampoornesh is said to be the one man army for this film and is only the asset of this film, where he generated the hype and expectations of this film and handled the complete movie on his own shoulder.

Actress Kavya’s perfromance is also good and the police role played by the person is also good. There are nothing much to talk about the characters of this movie, as Sampoornesh Babu steals the complete attention of the movie on to him, with his hilarious expressions, funny delivering of the dialogues and in a satirical way.

The audiences are only there in the movie for Sampoornesh. The first half of the movie goes funny with some good comedy elements and the climax of the movie is also the same. But the 15 minutes lagging part of the second half will lose the pulse of the audience and their excitement.

Punching and satirical dialogues by Sampoornesh are too good, which worked a lot in generating a good humor on the screen. Music scored by Rk , Srikanth Pendyala are said to be okay for this kind of satirical entertainers.

Director Steven Shankar made a decent debut with this satirical entertainer and managed a lot to entertain the audience and the single liners written for Sampoornesh are awesome. Though this is a low budget film, the production values seems to be too good, with good visuals. Cinematography part is good and the editing part of this film is said to be ok, as the second half of the film contains some 10-15 minutes of lagging scenes.

The movie fails to answer some logics, as it is quietly driven out and can be ignored comparing to the comedy elements of the movie and is said to be a satirical comedy entertainer, which is purely to generate laugh and entertain the audience.

Your Rating For Hrudaya Kaleyam Movie
Your Rating For Hrudaya Kaleyam Movie

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