1-Nenokkadine (2013) Audio Songs Review

1 Nenokkadine 2013 Audio Songs Review 1 Nenokkadine (2013) Audio Songs Review

Cast & Crew :- Mahesh Babu, Kriti Sanon
Music Director :- Devi Sri Prasad
Director :- Sukumar
Producer :- Ram Achanta, Gopichand Achanta, Anil Sunkara

Our Rating :-
Rating :- 4/5
TagLine :- Another DSP Magical

Long awaited combination of Superstar Mahesh and magical composer DSP has finally come to reality. Mahesh is having the best phase of his career at the moment with back to back hits. And DSP is known for providing energetic and youthful music consistently and he’s having a spree of successful albums in his kitty as well. And this crazy combination has raised the expectations on this Sukumar’s action thriller “1 Nenokkadine” under 14 Reels Entertainment banner. One of the best in contemporary lyricists Chandrabose has penned all the songs for this movie. So let’s dive in and find out how deep the waters are..

Who R U.. | Devi Sri Prasad | Chandrabose
As expected Devi Sri delivered one heaven of a rocking track with ‘Who R U’. Off late we haven’t been presented with many rock songs in Tollywood and this one sets the benchmark for rock-genre in future. The tune is high on heavy metallic strings, nicely complimented with drum beats. Chandrabose laced the tune with some thoughtful lines. The micro teaser which was released on this song has already crossed one million mark on YouTube. As we near the movie release this song is sure to pass through the veins of youngsters like a steroid. Expect it to top the music charts for quite a long time.

Aww Tuzo Mog Korta | Neha Bhasin | Chandrabose
This track takes off with Konkani folk lead and contains some fresh sounds. Neha Bhasin who sang popular songs like “Atu Nuvve Itu Nuvve” in ‘Current’ has given her husky voice to this seductive song. ‘Aww tuzo mog korta` means ‘I love you’ in Konkani (Goan) and this tune has enough scope for some creative choreography. On repeated hears this can get onto the brains of listeners like a glass of red wine. Expect for a visual feast on screen.

O Sayonaraa..Sayonaaraa | Sooraj Santhosh, M M Manasi | Chandrabose
O Sayonara is a brilliant and peppy number from this album, the best of the lot we can say. This song has already become popular in public for its catchy tune. DSP has given it a very melodic touch with excellent instrumentation. Sooraj Santhosh’s voice is a big asset and he made it sound like as if he has sung this straight out of his heart. Manasa did humming and chorus parts very effectively. Chandrabose’s trademark lyrics made this a complete treat to ears. Add that’s one more to be seen among chart-busters in coming weeks.

You’re My Love | Piyush Kapoor, Devi Sri Prasad | Chandrabose
Right from the day promo songs released, the lines “U’re my love, U’re my love, U’re the one for me right now, you are my song I’ll sing forever” have been doing rounds everywhere. DSP mesmerizes with foot tapping beats in this song, and tempo of the song has been maintained uniformly though out. Guitar variants have been heavily used for this entire album we can hear string sounds in almost every song of the album. Piyush rendered the song with right feel as per the mood of the song.

London Babu | Priya Hemesh | Chandrabose
If not the best of the item songs that DSP has ever composed this song sure has some flavor to it, and once the movie releases this may become more popular. Lyrics are very logical and are about the difficulties of an item girl with English language. Chandrabose exploited the plot quite smartly with comic lines. From composition point of view, it is no different to any of the item songs we have heard before from DSP.

Overall “1 Nenokkadine” audio lives up to the promises it made. ‘O Sayanara’, ‘Who R U’, and ‘You’re my love’ are the best songs of the album and can easily top the charts in coming days. ‘Aww tuzo mog korta’ will grow on listeners as a slow poison. Guitar variants and some fresh drum beats in couple of songs are the unique points about the album. DSP once again proves why he’s the top music director in Tollywood. We expect the songs to reach out to more people after the release of the main film. BeyondTollywood gives it a thumbs-up.

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